Polish to English Translation Guide: Prices for English to Polish Translation

Find out typical prices for English to Polish translation and Polish to English translation. At the bottom of the page, you'll also find more free resources and information.

How much does a Polish translation cost? That depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of the document
  • The type of translation provider. For example, agencies generally charge more than freelance translators.
  • Any special requirements such as a technical translator, special formatting, etc.
  • Discounts or surcharges. More on that below.

Translation rates of freelance Polish translators

In general, freelance translators and translation agencies charge by the word. A per word rate is typically multiplied by the total number of words in the original language (called "source words"), although in some situations, a translator might base the price calculation instead on the number of words in the language of the final translation ("target words"). For small translations, agencies and some freelance translators apply a minimum charge rather than a per word rate.

To give you an idea of typical Polish to English and English to Polish translation prices, we have collected examples of the standard rates advertised by twenty freelance Polish translators, all of them living in the U.S.. (Note that translation markets are different countries, so these rates might not be representative of translators based in Europe or elsewhere.)

Per word rates for English to Polish translation (U.S. dollars)

English to Polish Translator 1: rate - $0.15

English to Polish Translator 2: rate - $0.07-$0.12

English to Polish Translator 3: rate - $0.10-$0.20

English to Polish Translator 4: rate - $0.15

English to Polish Translator 5: rate - $0.10-$0.12

English to Polish Translator 6: rate - $0.10-$0.12

English to Polish Translator 7: rate - $0.06-$0.08

English to Polish Translator 8: rate - $0.20-$0.25

English to Polish Translator 9: rate - $0.12

English to Polish Translator 10: rate - $0.14

Per word rates for Polish to English translation (U.S. dollars)

Polish to English Translator 1: rate - $0.08-$0.13

Polish to English Translator 2: rate - $0.07-$0.11

Polish to English Translator 3: rate - $0.13

Polish to English Translator 4: rate - $0.07-$0.12

Polish to English Translator 5: rate - $0.14

Polish to English Translator 6: rate - $0.08-$0.10

Polish to English Translator 7: rate - $0.12-$0.20

Polish to English Translator 8: rate - $0.10

Polish to English Translator 9: rate - $0.15

Polish to English Translator 10: rate - $0.08

"Every language is different, and in each country, you probably pay a different rate. I can speak about Polish in the UK. For Polish, the price would be between 70 and 100 GBP for 1000 words, but certain clients might get a discount, and it also depends on the difficulty of the text. If the translation's really specialized, it will certainly be more expensive."

- Karolina Taflaj, Polish Translator

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Agency rates for Polish translations

Translation agencies normally charge much higher rates than freelance translators. This makes sense. Typically, the agency will subcontract translations to freelancers, and a good agency will hire both a freelance translator and an editor for the same job. The agency needs to set pricing high enough to cover these costs, along with its operating expenses (office infrastructure, project manager, marketing costs, etc.) and still make a profit.

You can therefore save a lot of money if you go directly to a freelance translator instead of hiring an agency for your English to Polish translation. On the other hand, depending on your time constraints and the complexity of your project, an agency may be the most practical choice.

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"I recently got an e-mail from an agency in India asking me to translate 20,000 words from Polish into English in four days at a rate in U.S. dollars of of $0.03 a word. I don't think that someone who would agree to something like that is a professional translator. If you work with an agency, you have to trust that they will not try to outsource your translation like this agency tried to."

- Karolina Taflaj, Polish Translator

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Translation prices are often negotiable. Agencies and freelance translators are often willing to give discounts on high volume projects or to clients who can promise regular English to Polish translation work. It is also worth finding out if your translator is using a CAT [Computer Assisted Translation] tool which tracks repetitions in the text. If so, the translator may agree to give you a discount for repetitions.

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Instead of charging small translations at their standard per word rate, agencies and some freelancers apply a minimum project charge. In some cases, this can be quite expensive, so it is worth trying to avoid it if you can by combining small English to Polish translation jobs into a single project.

In case of urgent translations, a surcharge or higher rate may be applied for "rush turnaround."

Surcharges may also be applied for any extra service provided beyond straight English to Polish translation. For example, layout work, Web programming, and revision by a separate editor may be charged separately. We have noticed that some agencies list even basic services such as project management separately in their quote documents, so when comparing prices from several agencies, make sure you are looking at the total cost and not just the per word English to Polish translation rate.

Analyzing prices

There is often a temptation to go for the lowest price, with the assumption that you will be getting the same thing for less. We also know some companies that have a policy, when choosing suppliers, of going for the second lowest price (this is supposed to somehow balance economy with quality).

However, choosing between two translation suppliers is not the same as choosing between two brands of laundry bleach. You can't look just at price and assume that the product in the two bottles is roughly the same. There is a huge difference in the quality and service you will get from one translation supplier and another. Before making a decision based on price, it is important to look harder at the value you will be getting for your money.

Think about what level of translation you need. Does the result have to be perfect? Or will a basically decent translation work for your purposes? Then take a hard look at each potential translation partner to find the type of service you need at a price you can afford.

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