Italian Language Translator Guide - How to Save Money on Your Translation

Hiring an Italian language translator? The Free English to Italian Translation Guide offers money-saving tips that you cannot afford not to know. (Want a free English to Italian translation online?)

12 steps to a less expensive Italian translation

If you're looking for ways to get the most out of your translation budget, here are twelve techniques for reducing costs without impacting quality.

1) Look for a freelance Italian language translator instead of an agency. Freelance translators tend to charge significantly less.

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2) Discuss pricing on the basis of a total project cost, rather than per word rates. This will help you compare prices more efficiently and prevent surprises. Also: put your price agreement in writing before starting the project.

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3) When you are quoted a price, see if it is negotiable.

4) If the translation is a large one, request a discount based on volume.

"If there are more than 10,000 words to translate, you could get a discount. If you need weekly or monthly work, you can get a further discount because regular work saves the translator from having to look for work."

- Desiree Cocola, Italian Language Translator

5) Ask about a discount in return for fast payment.

6) If the translator is using a CAT [Computer Assisted Translation] software, ask about a discount for repetitions in the document.

7) Check your document before sending it to the translator and see if there's anything you can do to make it shorter. Reducing the amount of text to translate will reduce your translation costs accordingly. Are there any unnecessary sections that can be cut? Any parts you can summarize? Texts that can be replaced with images that don't require translation?

8) Check your document before sending it to the translator and mark any elements that are not part of the translation, such as code or instructions. Make sure that these are not translated, or included in the translation price.

9) Make sure that the documents you send the translator are final drafts and that nothing is missing. Last-minute changes or additions can cost you extra money.

10) Plan your translation needs in advance to avoid last-minute emergencies where your translation options will be limited and you might end up paying a higher rate for rush service.

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11) Translation agencies and some freelancers charge a minimum rate per project. Avoid paying extra for small translations by combining them into one larger project.

12) Beware of expensive "bargains." A low-cost translation provider is likely to provide a low-quality translation, which can end up costing you more in the long run.

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