Translation Italian to English Guide: Comparing Italian Language Translation Options

The Translation Italian to English Guide compares Italian language translation options. Should you use a translation agency or hire a freelance translator directly? Find out here. At the bottom of the page, you'll find information about translation pricing, along with other helpful resources. (Click here for free online translation Italian to English.)

Comparing Italian Translation Options

Should you send your Italian language translation to an agency, or should you look for a freelance translator? There are advantages to both approaches.

Advantages of working with a freelancer:

- Cost. Cutting out the middle man and directly hiring a freelance translator can cut your Italian language translation costs by as much as half. If you often need very short Italian translations, the savings can be even more significant, since an agencies normally charge high minimum rates for small jobs.

"It's less of a headache to go through an agency, but you pay for it."

- Desiree Cocola, English to Italian Translator

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- Control. When you are managing your translation project yourself, you know exactly what is going on. You know the credentials of the translator who is doing your translation. If you want to have your translation checked by a native editor, you can hire someone to do that. You know what quality control measures you have put into place.

If you send the work to an agency, then you have to trust someone else to find the right translator, control the quality, and follow through on the agency's promises. This is a real concern. We have spoken to project managers who have told us that their agencies regularly mislead clients about the quality control measures used.

- Communication. When you hire a freelance translator, you can talk with the person directly, give background information and instructions, explain your preferences and answer questions. If you are working with an agency, all of this communication goes through a project manager, who may or may not be passing everything on. For example, when a translator has questions, the project manager may choose to answer these directly rather than contacting you each time. However, the judgment calls made by the project manager might not always be correct or reflect your wishes.

- Relationship. If you work with the same freelance translator over time, you can develop a positive collaborative relationship. Communication grows easier, and the translator develops an expertise in your specific Italian language translation needs.

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Advantages of working with an agency:

- Time and convenience. Sending your translation project to an agency can save you a lot of effort and time since they will manage everything for you. This is a particular advantage if the translation is complex or in multiple languages. Coordination of a big translation project can turn into a full-time job, one that you probably don't have time for. It can also be highly stressful.

Apart from the effort they save you, a translation agency may be able to turn your translation around faster. They will not have to spend time on translator recruitment or screening, and, with a database of approved translators, they can find someone who is immediately available for your project.

"If you have regular translation work in one language, you could hire a freelance translator. If you have work in a range of languages, you might go to an agency."

- Desiree Cocola, English to Italian Translator

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- Expertise. How do you choose the right freelance translator? How can you keep track of the translator's progress? do you know if the translation you get back is fine? A translation agency will have experience and expertise in translation sourcing, project management, and quality control. They have the resources and processes already in place. You may feel safer relying on their expertise instead of trying to figure out how to do everything yourself.

- Quality. A good translation agency will send every translation to a second native translator for checking and editing. Then the finished translation will be reviewed by a project manager to make sure that it is complete and formatted correctly. These quality control measures can greatly reduce the risk of translation mistakes and improve the overall flow of the final translation.

Important: do not take for granted that your translation agency is carrying out the process described above. If an agency tells you that revision or editing is included in the price, find out what this revision actually entails. The ideal process should include a second native translator checking every word of your translation. (You can follow up on this by asking for a copy of the reviser's comments along with the finished translation).

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