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German translation pricing

Translation pricing is normally based on a per word rate which is multiplied by the total number of words in the document. It is more common to make this calculation on the basis of "source words" (words in the original language), rather than "target words" (words in the final language).

What is a typical per word rate for German translation? The answer can vary widely. Below, you will find sample freelance and agency rates, along with some comments on the factors that influence pricing.

Freelance translation rates between English and German

To give you an overview of translation rates, we took a random sample of the rates advertised by 20 freelance German translators. These are the standard rates that the translators quote on their CVs; however, translation pricing is often negotiable, and the actual rates that these translators charge to clients may be lower. Also note that all of the translators surveyed below are U.S. residents, and market rates are different in different countries.

Standard rates of 10 freelance English to German translators based in the U.S. (rates in U.S. dollars)

English-German translator 1: rate - $0.10-$0.12

English-German translator 2: rate - $0.10-$0.14

English-German translator 3: rate - $0.11

English-German translator 4: rate - $0.11

English-German translator 5: rate - $0.08 - $0.11

English-German translator 6: rate - $0.12-$0.16

English-German translator 7: rate - $0.15

English-German translator 8: rate - $0.14

English-German translator 9: rate - $0.13

English-German translator 10: rate - $0.10-$0.14

Standard rates of 10 freelance German to English translators based in the U.S. (rates in U.S. dollars)

German-English translator 1: rate - $0.11-$0.14

German-English translator 2: rate - $0.15

German-English translator 3: rate - $0.12-$0.16

German-English translator 4: rate - $0.12

German-English translator 5: rate - $0.12

German-English translator 6: rate - $0.07-$0.12

German-English translator 7: rate - $0.15-$0.17

German-English translator 8: rate - $0.13

German-English translator 9: rate - $0.07-$0.10

German-English translator 10: rate - $0.15-$0.18

"If you want a really cheap translation, there's no way you'll get the same level of quality."

- Katharina Wawrzon, German Language Translator

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Translation agency rates between English and German

Typically, an agency will charge higher rates than a freelance German language translator. Agencies have higher overhead and administrative costs. In general, an agency will outsource its translations to freelance translators and sometimes to freelance editors as well, then set client prices high enough to cover costs and also make a profit.

Here is a sample of agency pricing for English-to-German translations, based on price proposals collected by a Spanish design agency.

Agency 1 (Large multinational agency - price quoted in euros): €0.145

Agency 2: (Medium-sized U.S. agency - price quoted in U.S. dollars): $0.19

Agency 3: (Small Dutch agency - price quoted in euros): €0.225

Agency 4: (Large multinational agency - price quoted in euros): €0.18

Agency 5: (Medium-sized U.S. agency - price quoted in U.S. dollars) $0.18

Note: the quotation from Agency 4 separated translation costs from editing costs; however, we have listed the combined cost to facilitate price comparison since some of the other agencies include editing in their translation service.

All prices above were quoted to the same small Spanish design studio. However, we have seen that agency prices may vary dramatically according to the client. For instance, we have seen quotations that Agency 1 has sent to other companies. In proposals to an international market research company, Agency 1 quoted prices that were nearly double what they offered to the Spanish design studio.

"If it's a general text, you can get a better price than if it's highly specialized because highly specialized translators are more expensive."

- Katharina Wawrzon, German Language Translator

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Factors that affect translation pricing

Some of the factors that may influence pricing include:

  • The difficulty of the translation, the level of technical specialization or research required
  • The size and reputation of the translation agency, or the experience and qualifications of the German language translator
  • The country in which the agency or German language translator is located
  • The type of client you are. For example, freelance translators sometimes offer lower prices to agencies than to end clients.
  • Additional services included: for example, special layout work, Web programming, revision by a separate editor, etc.
  • Discounts for high-volume translations or for repetitions in the text
  • Surcharges for rush service
  • Minimum prices for small translation projects

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