Free Italian to English Translation Guide: Managing a Translation Project - 2

This is Part 2 of the Free Italian to English Translation Guide series on managing a successful, problem-free translation project. Click here to go to Part 1. At the bottom of the page, you'll find information about typical translation prices and other useful resources. (Need a free online Italian to English translator?)

Translation Project Management, Part 2

In this part of our project management series, we will talk about monitoring progress and checking the results of your translation.

Step 5 - Monitor progress.

If you are working with a translation agency instead of a freelance Italian to English translator, it is probably safe to skip this step.

If you are working with a freelance translator, we suggest checking in regularly as the project is progressing. Ask:

  • Is everything going fine?
  • Is the translation going according to schedule?
  • Any questions I can help with?

Often, when you invite questions, translators will bring up issues that they would have otherwise struggled with on their own. This gives you more control over the translator's decision-making on your project and helps to prevent unnecessary errors or delays.

And if your project is actually in trouble, you are likely to get early signs if you keep checking in. It is always better to find out about problems sooner rather than later.

Step 6 - Check the translation.

In the best-case scenario, your translation will be revised by a native editor. If you have hired a translation agency, this may be part of their service. Or if you hire a freelance Italian to English translator, you can also hire a second translator to serve as editor on the project.

However, whether or not this type of revision turns out to be feasible, you can also double-check the final translation yourself. Even if the translation's in Italian and you do not speak the language, you can perform the following revision steps:

  • Compare the translation to the original. Does it appear to be complete? Is it formatted correctly?
  • Check bullet points, numbers, names, etc., to see if they match. If there are four bullet points in the original, are there four in the translation as well?
  • Run an automatic spell check. (In MS Word 2007, choose the Review tab to select the language of the translation).
  • If the translation is in Italian, you can use a machine translator to translate it back to English for the purpose of checking it. Important: the machine translation will not be completely accurate. You should definitely not trust a machine translator to write any part of the translation for you. But the machine translation can help you find your way around a foreign language text in order to see what is there. (Click here for a free Italian to English translation tool.)

If you find any potential problems in your translation, do not try to correct them yourself unless the translation is in your native language. Instead, send the translator a list of questions and let the translator update the document for you.

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