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Looking for free Chinese translation software? Here’s a Chinese English free translation tool for you. But did you know that there is a right and wrong way to use free online translators? Read on for important advice. At the bottom of the page, you'll also find links to information about professional translation services, including a pricing guide.

Chinese English Free Translation Tool

Caution: When not to use a free language translator

Any automatic translator should be used with caution. You can use it as a dictionary, or for your own general understanding of something you are reading in Chinese. However, you are taking a risk if you use a free language translator for communicating with other people or for anything important. For example, it is very risky to use a machine to translate a letter to a client or an article for your website. You could end up sounding silly, not making sense, or even saying something different from what you meant.

Why Chinese translation software is not reliable

An automatic translator is like an advanced dictionary. It can take a word in English and match it to a word in Chinese. But it can't think about those words. It doesn't know what they're talking about. Often, there are two possible translations for a word. Think of the word "arms." It can mean the body parts that hang from your shoulders. Or it can mean weapons. Each possibility can be a totally different translation in another language. If the machine translator makes the wrong choice, you can see how the translation can go very wrong.

"If you are just looking for words or a very simple sentence, then maybe you can rely on the machines. But normally, I don't recommend this. I have had some very horrible results from machine translators. Normally, the results will just confuse me even more. I can tell they're in English or in Chinese, but I can't tell what they're supposed to mean. It's worth spending a little money for a real translation. - Siaoning Jhang, English to Chinese Translator

Why we love Chinese translation software anyway

Machine translators are wonderful tools. Many of them, like the one on this page, are free. There is no faster or more convenient way to get a rough translation from Chinese. You can translate a whole website in just a few moments! It's only important to keep in mind the limitation of these tools and use with caution.

How bad can a free language translation really be?

We took the Chinese Wikipedia entry about Paris Hilton and used a very popular free online translator to translate it to English. Here is an excerpt from the result:

"Is put in prison decides Paris Hilton' s booking photo. Banana plant Li Si is requested to start in June 5, 2007 to serve a prison sentence, will otherwise have the aggravation prison term risk. [27] attended in 2007 after June 3, 2007 the MTV movie big prize, banana plant Li Si in the West bank time in the evening 11.38 points, voluntarily registered enters the century area to serve a prison sentence the center (Century Regional Detention Facility), here was located at California Lynwood to take into custody the feminine criminal's jail completely."

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