Guide to Professional Translation Services and Free Language Translator Resources

Looking for professional translation services or a free language translator? Translation Advisor is a free online service that can help.

Translation Advisor is different because we are not selling or promoting any one translation company. This allows us to give objective advice to help you make the best choices for your translation.

Find out:

  • Average translator prices

  • How to lower your translation costs

  • What your translation agency may not be telling you

  • When it's safe to use a free language translator

  • How to choose the right translator or agency at the right price

  • How to avoid hassles, misunderstandings, and expensive mistakes.
"There was a joke going around about machine translation. Someone took a phrase from the Bible, "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak," and used a free language translator to translate it from English to Russian and back to English again. And what they got out was, "The vodka is great, but the steak is bloody awful."

- Lindsay Gasser, French, Dutch, and German to English Translator

Read interviews with translators and translation agency project managers for the inside story on professional translation services.

"When an agency has low prices, that doesn't mean it's any good. It's better to choose an agency that charges a little more or charges market rates than to end up with a bad translation."

- Perrine Souffez, Spanish and English to French Translator and Project Manager

How to use this website:

  • Choose the language of your translation on the left menu or from the table of contents below to start finding information. (If your translation is in a language not shown, or if it is to multiple languages, we suggest starting in Spanish Translator category, which offers many general tips that can be applied to any translation project.) Each category includes a free language translator, sample prices, and advice on selecting and using professional translation services.

  • Bookmark this page so that you can find it whenever you need translation help.
"I guess it's a leap of faith to ask someone to translate your work."

- Eva Obregon, Spanish to English and English to Spanish Translator

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Table of Contents

Directory of Translation Agencies. Browse and compare companies offering professional translation services to find the best supplier for your needs...

Spanish Language Translation. Compare translator prices, learn when to ask for a discount, get tips on maintaining control of your translation project, more...

Chinese Language Translation. Discover strategies for saving money on your translation, find out how to manage translation deadlines and avoid unpleasant surprises, more...

French Language Translation. Get help choosing professional translation services, read advice on sorting through similar-sounding price proposals, more...

Italian Language Translation. Use a step-by-step checklist to organize your translation project, catch the warning signs that something might be going wrong with your translation, more...

German Language Translation. See sample translation agency prices, get advice on what to look for in a translator or an agency, more...

Dutch Language Translation. Find out if you really need a translation agency or if you can save money by hiring a freelance translator, learn the right and wrong way to use a free language translator, more...

Polish Language Translation. Learn when to negotiate with your translator, find out how to check the quality of the translation you get back, more...

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